New York Times should get the facts: Dan Padernacht, our neighbor

New York Times should get the facts: Dan Padernacht, our neighbor
by Karen Argenti on Friday, September 3, 2010 at 12:58pm
Today the New York Times wrote a story about Espada and took the word of the other Espada, Gustavo Rivera.

Dan Padernacht is a born in the Bronx and in the neighborhood by Pidgeon Park. He knows what the community needs and that is the best political experience. His whole family lives and works in the neighborhood. He has volunteered to work on community concerns such as the 3469 Cannon Place Development, the Terrace Methadone Center, Community Board 8 Land Use and was just recently appointed to be the Chair of the Traffic and Transportation Committee.

Lie #1 – Dan worked probono for Senator Diaz, who is really behind Espada.
FACT:   Two years ago, Dan worked probono for the Democratic County, (ask the County Leader)  to knock Espada off the ballot the first time and is working to beat him in the election this time. Instead of standing by and watching someone else’s inaction (that is the existing political structure and you all know who you are), Dan is putting his beliefs on the line.

Moreover, no one has made any assertions to the State and County Democratic Leadership and its connections of its Counsel the all powerful Stanley Schlien who is working with Espada.

Lie #2: Dan is the spoiler
FACT: Rivera is taking votes away from Padernacht, as he states he has roots in Kingsbridge Heights. Recent debates and community meetings have proven that Rivera is unknown and can not claim any experience in the community. Furthermore, he is not even a loyal Democrat as he is on the WFP line! (as him if he will support the Democrat)

Lie #3: Dan can withdraw
FACT: Dan is on the ballot and there is nothing legally he can do to withdraw. This is an ignorant statement.

As for the somewhat smear that Dan’s family has real estate interests in the Bronx, everyone needs to know exactly how that developed. I know because I was there. Dan’s father and my mother worked very hard to save a building in complete disrepair, that is the Sholem Aleichem. That landlord had a bad mortgage (and that was in the 1980s), and milked the building, leaving no money for repairs which were badly needed in the old walk up. No bank would talk to the landlord. The community convinced the city to do a PLP Loan, but the bank still thought it was risky. My mother and Dan’s father organized a call in to the bank at 9 am one morning — and we got the PLP. Repairs were done. My mom went on to work for the Assemblyman; Dan’s father went on to work to help landlords take care of their buildings, and eventually to own a few small buildings which were passed on to the family. When you go into business, who better to work for you than your family?

Those are the facts, spread the word, please.